We believe that initial planning of each clinical case makes a huge difference in the final result of the work Our “Master” technicians seek to ensure that they act in accordance with the “Special Line” clinical cases that we perform following the procedures of the clinical planning and guaranteeing perfect solutions for our patients.


The constant concern and care are the main reasons why the number of our clients and their satisfaction keeps increasing. We believe that each case has its particular characteristics that are decisive. Therefore, we apply different and personalized techniques to each case, according to the patient’s needs and expectations in order to providethe highest level of aesthetics and nature of our “Special Smile Design” rehabilitation techniques.

Special Line


We are different by providing personalized services, in both metal ceramics and metal-free ceramics. These services consist of custom applications that include consultancy for the case planning, shade determination using the Easy Shade (Vita) equipment anddigital photography records,frameworks’ and dental ceramics’ try-out visits, the use of resources, andstratification effectson dental ceramics. All this is aimed at best aesthetic results.

Devoted and full personal attention

As a rule, we keep an excellent relationship with our clients by precisely knowing their needs, appreciating and paying attention to their ideas and expectations as well as interacting with them. While working in line with the proposed planning, we diagnose each case together with the clinician, i.e. the dental surgeon, using the control process in providing our services.


The Second Opinion technique is an exclusive service for the clients who opt for the “Special Line” service with an agreement.It provides an additional evaluation of those patientcaseswhich are clinically more complicated, in the specialists’ “network”. It stimulates the active and reflective participation by connecting the specialists’ and their technical knowledge with the clinician that is responsible for the case. Therefore, it serves as an additional opportunity for sharing knowledge. The analysis made in this way is free, independent, and based on the clinical criteria and technicians seek to select the best possible treatment and environment for the patient.


The second technical opinion is provided by best international specialists. It is a valuable tool which helps the clinician to make important decisions on the selection of treatment for the patient.


Education, Training, Experience and Judgement form the basis of a scientific art called “Clinical Diagnostics”.