Full Anatomic All Contour Restorations

Cad / Cam Restorations

Full Anatomic All Contour Restorations

CadCam restorations - Full anatomical contour restorations. Fixed prosthetics with the IPS, E.max, Lava 3M Ultimate, Vita Enamic, Vita Suprinity and Zirconium materials.

The line of products and materials,available in A Smile on Time Digital Dental Lab ® CAD CAM, offers a complete range of monolithic applications for prepared veneer, cavity, teeth or abutment restorations.

Restaurações CadCam (CAD / CAM) - Restaurações de Contorno Total Anatómico. Prótese Fixa com os materiais IPS E.max, Lava 3M Ultimate, Vita Enamic, Vita Suprinity e Zirconio.

Smile on Time Digital Dental Lab ® CADCAM offers you a unique portfolio of the monolithic materials, designed to provide a great variety of full anatomical contour applications from the inlays and onlays to the crowns and bridges.

Precision and improved quality of IPS IVOCALR / VIVADENTE ® VITA Suprinity ®, Lava Ultimate 3M ® and Zirlux FC2 full anatomical contour restorations enable the handling with minimum effort to achieve effective aesthetic and predictable results in the prosthetic restoration.



High quality restorations due to precise manufacturing of the renowned materials produced by international manufacturers.

Easy and efficient handling as a result of minimum need for processing.

Long-lasting restorations for predictable prosthetic results due to the design and production taking place in a controlled environment.


RestTotal013M ESPE Lava Ultimate Restorative (nano ceramic resin manufactured by 3M) is the new technology of the materials that possess unique qualities:

Durability and reliability;

Brilliant aesthetics combined with a long-term polish retention;

Increased effectiveness due to the easy adjustment and polish;

Protection against wear and impact suffered by the teeth, maintaining a functional balance.

RestTotal02ZIRLUX ST1 ® HT; Sirona Incoris TZI; VITA IN-CERAM YZ (zirconium dioxide ceramic materials)
Full-contour crowns, single-tooth restorations and full bridges for effective aesthetic results
Frameworks of increased stability, designed to provide predictable prosthetic results

RestTotal03IPS e.max ® CAD (lithium disilicate glass ceramic manufactured by Ivoclar Vivadent AG)

Full-ceramic restorations for effective aesthetics, for the restorations with the maximum of 3 / 4 units
Versatility for easy handling
A product of improved resistance, designed to provide reliable restorations

RestTotal04 IPS Empress ® CAD (leucite glass ceramic manufactured by Ivoclar Vivadent AG)

Full ceramic restorations for naturally-looking aesthetics
Simplicity for easy handling
A renowned product, designed to produce predictable restorations

RestTotal05 Vita Suprinity ® (zirconium dioxide reinforced leucite glass ceramic manufactured by VITA Zahnfabrik)

Full ceramic restorations for naturally-looking aesthetics
Simplicity and versatility for easy handling
Ultimate reliability and excellent load-bearing capacity
Innovative product of an excellent translucency, fluorescence and opalescence, achieving great aesthetic results

RestTotal05VITA Mark II; TriLuxe e Real Life (feldspathic ceramic materials manufactured by VITA Zahnfabrik)

A wide range of shades for naturally-looking aesthetics
Versatility for easy handling
Renowned material, designed to achievepredictable results
ceramSirona Incoris CC ® ( SINTERING METAL )

Cobalt Chromium (CoCr) crowns for the highly resistant ceramic coating
  Increased stability frameworks
  High quality and durability
RestTotal06Vita Cad-Temp ® (PMMA-based acrylic resin)

Increased efficiency, particularly suitable for the temporary full-contour restorations
  Available in 5 shades for easy handling
  Long-duration restorations

Vita Cad-wax ® (rPMMA-based acrylic resin)

Particularly suitable for making models for full-anatomy crowns and bridges based on which the final laboratory work will be done.
  Enables the precise adjustment of the structures before making the restorations from the finalmaterials.
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