Software Blue Sky Plan training course

Software Blue Sky Plan training course


Course instructor: Dr Tiago Pinto Ribeiro, medical dentist (Oral Surgery course student at FMDUP), external collaborator at FMDUP

Location: Paço de Arcos, Smile on Time Lab, Dental Training Center by Sirona & Vita

Course duration: 1 day

Course schedule: 09h00 to 18h00


The course is intended for medical dentists specialising in implantology, however, it is also open to fixed restoration clinicians, too.

Certified attendance.

Computer application Blue Sky Plan is free and aimed at surgical planning of implants, guided surgery and support for other types of oral surgery. The application has already received international acknowledgment and is used by a wide range of specialists who use dental implants of brands other than Blue Sky Bio. The application has been translated into other languages and has already been presented in many national as well as international universities.


Morning ( 09h30 to 13h00)

Application download

Application Licencing

Upload of Dicom3 images

Panoramic curve

Images and visualisation options

Mouse functions

Using 3D visualisation

Placing implants

Importing models

Marking nerves

Images and reports

Importing from the scanner

Tangential view

Virtual teeth

Afternoon (14h30 to 18h00)

Presentation and discussion of case studies

Questions and answers

Delivering Certificates of Attendance