Rhein 83

Rhein 83 Training Course

Course Instructor: Mr Gianluca de Stefani, Bachelor’s degree at VILAGGIO DEL FANCIULLO Dental Institute

Location: Paço de Arcos, Smile on Time Lab, Dental Training Center by Sirona & Vita

Course duration: 1 day

Course schedule: 09h30 to 18h00

Smile on Time


Participants: the course is intended for prosthetists, however, it is also suggested for dentists

Certificate of Attendance: delivered at the end of the course, at no additional fee.

Course materials: at the course participants will be given plaster models with pre-modelled wax-crowns, a plastic bag with the work attachments, wax etc.

Materials to be brought by the participant: each participant should bring work tools such as spatulas, a conical drill and an acrylic cutting disc.

Course programme:

09h00 Welcome & Introduction

09h15 THEORETICAL: Quick revision of attachments

10h00 THEORETICAL: OT EQUATOR Castable Abutment for implants

OT CAP – OT EQUATOR: threaded system for CAD/CAM bars, with caps for OT bar attachment

Coffee break

11h15 PRACTICAL: OT BAR mesostructure and over-denture structure building

13h00 Lunch break

14h00 THEORETICAL: Sphero BLOCK AND FLEX (Lack of parallelism: directional rings – reinforcement)

15h00 THEORY: OT EQUATOR “ELASTIC SEEGER SYSTEM”. Passive bar connection

15h30 PRACTICAL: bar structure and superstructure building in a single-phase technique with prefabricated OT CAP - OT BAR + OT BOX attachments

17h00 PRACTICAL: construction of bars using OT Equator


17h30 Round table – Questions and answers