Dental Photography

Photography Training


The Dental Photography Course held according to the Communication agreement between the Clinic and the Laboratory

Course instructor: Mr Nuno Branco (CAP certificate)

Responsible entity: Smile on Time Lab, Dental Training Center by Sirona & Vita

Collaborators: Vita Zahnfabrik


The workshop of dental photography is a workshop that includes both theory and practice. It is intended for everyone who would like to learn about the concepts of digital photography as well as its application and use in the area of dental health. The workshop is also useful to those who would like to learn about how to take advantage of your photographic equipment, and gain knowledge about the techniques necessary for its efficient use at a workplace. Moreover, during the training you will improve your skills in the use of photography as both a documentary medium and a complementary tool of communication with the dental prostheses laboratory.

The course instructor holds the Certificate of Pedagogical Skills (CAP – Certificação de Aptidão Pedagógica), and has undergone the relevant training in the area.

Course description and objectives:

  • Conveying the basic principles of photography, in particular by exploring the dental macro-photography.
  • Creating the Communication Agreement between client and laboratory.
  • Learning the methods and techniques of photography in a clinical environment with a coaching specialist, including real-life clinical cases with patients in the initial stage of rehabilitation.


Course dates: depending on clinic’s availability

Course duration and schedule: 1 day (9h30 to 13h00 / 14h00 to 18h00). Additional schedules are available upon request.

IMPORTANT: it is necessary to bring course equipment (a photo camera) that is normally used in your clinic.

Price: a one-day course costs € 199.00 + VAT

Important Notes: in the cases where it is necessary to adjust the parameters for or to customize the equipment (photo camera), additional fees apply.