Sirona Sitac



SICAT planning programs provide a complete system ranging from the 3D diagnostics to thedigital implant planning and fabrication of highly accurate surgical guides.


SICAT implant is compatible with all of today’sConebeam and CT systems. Data import via DICOM is extremely simple and straightforward: patients’ cases are quickly and easily read into the software and immediately available for diagnosis and implant planning. Data import is a simple and moreover, it is automatically generated into the panoramic view. Therefore, contrary to conventional systems, both dataconversion and editing are unnecessary.

Reassuringpatients with the integrated diagnostic tool


The analysis window guides you intuitively through the diagnostics in 3D. With the integrated diagnostic tool, rehabilitation process can be diagnosed right in front of the patient.

Quick steps from planning to the implant surgery


In just a few steps, SICAT Implant guides you through positioning of the implants and abutments to selecting sleeves from anysystem straight to orderinga surgical guide.

The implant library includes implants, abutments, and sleeve systemsof all major manufacturers.

Achieve the desired result with the prosthetic-based filling

The SICAT Implant CAD/CAM software allows optical surface scan data to be integrated with 3D X-ray data.

In addition to visualising 3D X-ray data, SICAT Implant CAD/CAM allows implants to be positioned on the basis of a virtual prosthetic proposal.The optical surface scan data also clearly show the gingival surface.