inLab - CAD/CAM system for laboratory

With the inLab system, success is always guaranteed!

Multifunctional CAD/CAM system

With the multifunctional CAD/CAM system your daily work will be much easier and faster, and the clients’ satisfaction will be obvious. You will have more time for details, too. Find out in what ways the system can be useful for your laboratory.

Would you like to secure the economic success of your Prosthetic Dentistry’s laboratory?

With the inLab CAD/CAM system you will not only guarantee this but moreover, you will make a step toward the future of independence.
Open up new perspectives and find new working methods that correspond to the prevailing as well as challenging requirements of the today’s market.

inEos X5 – fully automatic technological innovation

The latest inEos X5 scanner marks the new standard for the digitalization systems for the prosthetic dentistry laboratories. Its proven BlueCam technology ensures accuracy and detail to the highest level of demand.

The innovative 5-axes technology with a robot arm and the exact definition of the scanningareaensures quick, automatic model positioning. This reduces the data quantities and accelerates the subsequent computation of the model.
The new scanning technology offers outstanding precision and depth of field. Together with the autofocus function this creates the perfect platform for your designs and production.
The unique operating concept has been programmed to ensure maximum efficiency for all scanning tasks and is augmented by the manual scanning option.
Export of scanning data in the open STL format for processing on third party CAD/CAM system.

inLab SW 4.2 – the heart of the inLab system

The inLab software supports you during all your work steps – from scanning and importing digital impressions to the design and milling of restorations and models.

Thanks to the virtual articulation function and the initial biogeneric suggestion, you are in the position to create fully anatomic restorations easily and reliably. Custom abutments, bars and attachments can be designed just as rapidly as millable pin models.

The workflow works fluently and is extremely user-friendly. The whole process runs naturally and gives surprising results. Profit from the virtual articulator, parallel processing of multiple restorations, instant restoration edition, Smile Design support and other features.

inLab MC XL – a wide range of applications

The inLab MC XL milling and grinding unit opens up the widest possible range of production options for your dental laboratory. You profit from the high speed and precision. And thanks to the large milling volume and broad spectrum of applications, you will reap substantial economic benefits.

The main advantages:

Large range of materials;
Zirconium oxide, resin, silicate ceramics and NP-metal processing.
High speed milling;
For example, a four-unit zirconium oxide bridge can be completed in just 40 minutes.
Large milling capacity;
For restorations consisting of up to 12 units and ceramic blocks measuring 85 x 40 x 22 mm.
Four milling motors;
Flexible selection of milling burs for different materials.
Milling and grinding;
For high precision regardless of the materialand indication.


inFire HTC speed

The new inFire HTC Speed furnace speeds up the processing of frameworks and crown copings. The new high-speed sintering programs deliver time savings of up to 85% and 97% for single tooth restorations.

Improved flexibility;
“Speed” and “superspeed” or classic long-duration sintering.
Preset of regular sintering programs for ceramics of the most important manufacturers.
onfiguration of up to 7 long duration sintering programs of long duration and “speed” programs.

60 minute-sinter of zirconium oxide restorations (up to a 9-unit bridge). 10-minute sintering of 2 crowns made of zirconium TZI.

Timer function for overnight sintering.
Enhanced efficiency;
Enhanced energy efficiency thanks to shorter sintering processes (2 kWh instead of 10 kWh).