Nobel Clinician

NobelClinician software facilitates the diagnostic evaluation as well as the planning of implant solutions.

NobelClinician software belongs to the next generation of the digital diagnostics software and treatment plan. All archives and dictionaries of the software can be accessed using customized desktop settings. The software also makes both teamwork as well as individual work much easier. NobelClinician software is compatible with Windows® and Mac OS® X, therefore, you can work with the operating system of your choice.

This software follows the NobelClinincian Nobel Guide principle. It combines detailed clinical information of a patient with the information of the 3D X-ray, in order to offer a sophisticated virtual environment. Dental professionals, thus, can control all the parameters of the therapeutic intervention of an implant, the implant itself and implant positioning.

Characteristics and benefits of NobelClinician software

NobelClinician software offers various resources to facilitate diagnostic planning and treatment as well as patient communication.


Involve your partners in diagnostics and treatment plan by sharing protected data. Securely access the patients’ records from a computer at your office, home or any other location – even while you are travelling.

NobelClinician Visualiser

Share a read-only document, which is compatible with the NobelClinician software only, with a colleague who does not have access to the software. The free NobelClinician Visualiser allows opening and reading such files.