infiniDent – Sirona Milling Centre

InfiniDent, a part of the Sirona group, specialises in ceramic and non-precious metal crowns, bridges, copings and temporary materials production.

If you need a 3D scanner, InfiniDent is the best option! Through the Internet portal you can send your data directly to the milling centre and receive the final work in just a few days, its quality comparable only to Sirona’s CAD/CAM milling system.



How does it work?


1 – Scan

Using the inEos Blue scanner or an intraoral camera, scan the model and design the restoration.



2 – Data transfer to infiniDent

Send the digital restorations through the web portal to the milling centre.



3 - Production

Your files are analysed and then produced using a laser. The restorations undergo the final quality inspection and are shipped to you in up to 3 days time.



4 - Finishing

All you have to do is finalise the work according to your needs and preferences.


In this case, apply ceramic on the restorations.