Sirona Cerec Guide

Sirona Cerec Guide

Sirona CEREC Guide will help you to create a surgical guide necessary for your laboratory or clinic. The process is fast and has relatively low and affordable costs. Each surgical guide is produced individually and is a part of the Sirona’s integrated implantology plan, which includes Sirona’s CAD/CAM and 3D X-ray systems.

The CEREC guide is a quick and low-cost process of precision, which turns it into a simple procedure, adapted to a full range of indications.

Two alternatives are available via SICAT, Sirona’s central production service. CLASSIC GUIDE is the ideal solution for complex cases involving stone models produced in the laboratory.

OptiGuide is an industrially produced surgical guide, created on the basis of optical impressions acquired on the CEREC system. The CEREC Guide is aimed at the dentists who wish to enhance the safety and reliability of the dental implantation procedures. Moreover, the CEREC guide allows dental prosthetics technicians to offer their clients high-precision surgical guides at low cost and within short delivery deadlines. CEREC Guides can be produced using either the classic CAD/CAM process or else via the Sirona Connect workflow.


Simplicity and low cost

Immediate production in clinic or laboratory

Chairside surgical guide (CEREC Guide) and two SICAT surgical guides for more flexibility

Manufacturer’s solution platform


Sirona Cerec Guide