laboratório de prótese dentária

Dental Prosthesis Laboratory


Smile On Time is a reference laboratory that aims at delivering the services of the highest quality and excellence. We have a team of highly-qualified technicians applying state-of-the-art technologies. Our laboratory belongs to the new generation, and our mission is to provide personalised assistance in the global market. Fixed Prosthodontics, Acrylic implants/ prostheses, Skeletal teeth prosthesisand Orthodontics are the fields in which we accomplish our aims.

We are experts in the full-mouth restoration.Using CAD/CAM Milling, a state-of-the-art technology, we construct prostheses onimplants either with or without immediate load.

We care about providing our clients the perfect combination of a technical knowledge, personalised services and reliable results. We strongly believe in the commercial relationship based on communication and feedback.

Following the latest trends in modern technologies, we usethe latest equipment supplied byAMANNGIRRBACH, SIRONA and NOBEL BIOCARE– the leaders in the technology for odontology. In this way we can guarantee theperformance that is of thehighest standard of quality.

We offer an exclusive and certified service which is based on both innovative techniques and equipment, thus ensuring commitment to excellence and rigour. All this allows us to have a full manufacturing autonomy in the range of services that we offer.

We deliver services and solutions for dental clinics as well as dental prosthesis laboratories by developing structures constructed using the CAD / CAM system.

If you already have the CerecOmnicam, Cerec AC, Bluecam orApolo DI digitalization system, you can send us a digital file, and we will mill and deliver you the structures in two days.

If you do not have a scanner or design software, you may send us the work models and our qualified technicians will develop virtual structures as well as provide the CAD / CAM milling in any material desired.

Our complete CAD /CAM system allows us to build structures with bolt holes (for example, in titanium, metal, zirconia and PMMA) for a wide variety of implants:Straumann, Nobel, 3i, Bicon, Astra, Avinent, Klockner, Microdent, BTI, Implant Direct, MozoGrau, Zimmer, Biotech,Dentaurum, CAMLOG etc.

Our Team

Our Team

In order to offer an excellent service, we have a team of nine people who do their best to ensure that our clients are satisfied.

Our team-members are highly qualified due to the constant professional development as well as participation in trainingcourses and congresses. Therefore, we can offer the latest solutions and materials, together with production techniques which guarantee the best aesthetic results.

We also have a department responsible for logistics. From the collection of our clients’ orders and variousstages of production monitoring, right until the service delivery, it is guaranteed that all the requirements of the protocol arefulfilled. The delivery team is trained and dedicated to collectthe orders from a clinic or a laboratory in the way thatis most convenient for our clients. All the works sent can be tracked by GPS, ensuring the agreed date of delivery.

Our Team

Location & Infrastructure

To ensure the best reception of our clients, Smile On Time is located in a prestigious business centre with an easy access in Paço de Arcos parish, just 15 minutes away from the central Lisbon. A modern and prestigious centre is focused on the Premium segment, ensuring client comfort in conjunction with the reception team, the security system, and the private car parking lot.

The infrastructure of our business includes the most advanced technological tools in the field. Thus we are able to provide our clients the technical assistance in a personalised way, using our meeting rooms, observation rooms designed to determine the rehabilitation required, dental macro-photography, Easy Shade colour selection etc.

The whole laboratory has been designed in such a way that we can offer services of the highest quality, thus there are individual sectors of the department for each work stage. It helps to prevent contamination, too. As we are situated in a glass building, our laboratory receives a lot of natural light that greatly improves working conditions. There are also high-power generators which guarantee the alternative energy supply for our equipment and ensure on-time delivery.